Book Review| Volume 49, ISSUE 1, P107, January 2010

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Surgical Reconstruction of the Diabetic Foot and Ankle

Published:November 16, 2009DOI:
      One editor and 52 very experienced surgeons have produced this magnificent textbook on surgical techniques related to foot and ankle reconstruction of the patient with diabetes. The color photographs total more than 800 and are simply beautiful. These photographs are very informative and show, in step-by-step fashion, the individual chapter author's surgical technique for performing the procedures currently used for surgical reconstruction of the foot and ankle in patients with diabetes.
      The textbook comprises 29 individual chapters dealing essentially with every common problem related to patients with diabetes that can manifest itself in the foot and ankle and require surgical reconstruction. Each chapter is written by a single author or several authors from around the world and review of electronic search engines reveals that most authors have previously published material on the topic they have been assigned. All of the chapters have a reference list and in the vast majority the latest references are included, which is impressive given the long delays between submission and publication of most textbooks.
      The chapters flow in a uniform pattern with easy-to-follow text and gorgeous photographs and illustrations that make digestion of the specific pathology or surgical technique discussed very simple, easy, and quick to accomplish. The mere fact that most of the feet and lower limbs shown in this textbook appeared unsalvageable and yet have apparent long-term follow-up pictures demonstrating functional healed soft tissue integument and stable osseous segments is truly amazing. This textbook contains a wealth of highly specialized knowledge and is a gold mine for any surgeon specializing in reconstruction of the foot and ankle in patients with diabetes. I strongly recommend it to all surgical groups treating patients with diabetes and the untoward manifestations unleashed on these individuals' feet and lower limbs.