Original Research| Volume 50, ISSUE 2, P190-196, March 2011

Grice-Green Procedure for Severe Hindfoot Valgus in Ambulatory Patients with Cerebral Palsy


      Grice-Green extra-articular subtalar arthrodesis is a treatment option for advanced valgus rearfoot deformity of neuromuscular origin in young patients. The purpose of this study was to evaluate long-term results of the procedure in ambulatory cerebral palsy patients. From January 1975 to December 1993, 57 operations were performed in 39 patients (22 males, 17 females) with a mean age of 7.8 ± 2.7 (range 3.9–14.4) years for excessive symptomatic hindfoot valgus. Thirty-five patients (51 feet) were followed for a mean 22.6 ± 4.6 (range 16.0–32.3) years. Preoperative GMFCS score, ambulation, hindfoot position, podoscopic view of the weight-bearing feet, and radiological examinations, along with complications and orthotic use, were compared. Based on a clinical rating scale, 39 results were excellent or good, 8 were fair, and 4 were poor. The poor results were attributed to hindfoot valgus recurrence or varus overcorrection. One case needed revisional surgery owing to slippage of the graft. Overall, the GMFCS score, level of ambulatory distance, and use of foot orthoses improved. Grice-Green subtalar arthrodesis did not result in early degenerative changes at the midterm follow-up. The procedure offers safe and long-lasting correction for severe and symptomatic hindfoot disorders in patients with cerebral palsy. Together with physiotherapy and orthotic use, it can improve ambulation. Whereas a slight hindfoot valgus in patients with cerebral palsy is tolerable without lack of function, overcorrection should be avoided.

      Level of Clinical Evidence


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