A Multicenter, Retrospective Study of Early Weightbearing for Modified Lapidus Arthrodesis

Published:January 05, 2016DOI:


      The modified Lapidus arthrodesis is a long-established surgical technique for management of hallux valgus that provides reproducible results and quality patient outcomes. The data from 367 consecutive patients undergoing unilateral modified Lapidus arthrodesis from January 1, 2007 to December 31, 2008 at participating centers were retrospectively evaluated. The included patients were categorized into early weightbearing (≤21 days) and delayed weightbearing (>21 days) groups. A total of 24 nonunions (6.5%) were identified, with 13 (7.1%) in the early weightbearing group and 11 (6.0%) in the delayed weightbearing group. To date, the present study is the largest multicenter investigation to evaluate early weightbearing after modified Lapidus arthrodesis and the only large study to directly compare early and delayed weightbearing. The findings of the present study have shown that early weightbearing for modified Lapidus arthrodesis does not increase the risk of nonunion when evaluating various fixation constructs.

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