The Incidence of Nonunion of the Naviculocuneiform Joint Arthrodesis:A Systematic Review

Published:March 13, 2019DOI:


      Naviculocuneiform (NC) joint arthrodesis is an effective procedure to treat pain and provide stability to the medial column. Various forms of fixation have been described for NC arthrodesis. Despite this, the available literature is scant and questions remain regarding nonunion rate and contributory factors. A systematic review of the literature was undertaken to determine the rate of nonunion for NC joint arthrodesis. Seven studies involving 139 NC joint arthrodeses met inclusion criteria. The nonunion rate was 6.5% at a weighted mean follow-up of 73.2 months. There is insufficient evidence to provide a practice guideline based on the current literature. Adequately powered prospective clinical trials comparing well-matched patient groups with long-term follow-up are required to limit systematic error and enhance external validity. Specific outcomes measures should include union, functional assessment, complications, and cost-benefit analysis.

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