Effects of Patient-Specific Instrumentation and Ancillary Surgery Performed in Conjunction with Total Ankle Implant Arthroplasty: Postoperative Radiographic Findings

Published:November 21, 2021DOI:


      Accuracy and reproducibility when performing total ankle implant arthroplasty (TAA) are essential for longevity of the implant, maintaining relative stability of the joint, and theoretically reducing the formation of adjacent joint arthritis in the subtalar and knee joints. Studies have helped to illustrate the accuracy of implantation when using patient-specific instrumentation in both knee and ankle implant arthroplasty. Despite the findings of these studies, few have gone on to evaluate the effects of ancillary procedures on TAA; particularly their effects on postoperative implant congruity when performed simultaneously with joint replacement surgery. In this study, preoperative plans on implant alignment based on patient-specific computed tomography (CT) images were compared with the alignment observed on immediate postoperative radiographs. Additionally, postoperative joint congruity was measured, and operative reports were assessed to determine if concomitant procedures performed with total ankle replacement had a significant effect on overall alignment. In our population, 46/47 implants were within 1.5° of their anticipated placement in the coronal plane, and 100% were within 2° of anticipated placement in the sagittal plane. Using a spearman's rank-order correlation, our data failed to show any significant relationship between conducting additional procedures in conjunction with TAA (rho= 0.178; p-value = 0.232) and postoperative congruency of the implant. These findings help support the accuracy of ankle implantation using patient-specific instrumentation, while also supporting the appropriate use of indicated procedures in conjunction with total ankle replacement to help obtain a congruent joint postoperatively. Level of Clinical Evidence: Level 4


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